What is Filtered Sound Training (FST)?

FST  is a method that uses music to re-train listening skills by filtering the sound in a specialised way. FST is offered in a personalised package of 20 half-hour sessions. These sessions are done twice a day consecutively for 10 days. Changes that occur in listening and learning are seen over the period of 4 months following FST. FST/AIT is a non-medical approach that often has far-reaching benefits.

Tribute to Dr. Guy Bérard

Tribute to Dr. Guy Bérard

On 16th June 2014 Dr Guy Bérard died at the age of 98, attended by his wife Nicole, and his physician. He lived in Les Ollieres, in the region Haute-Savoie, France, in the foothills of the Alps. So, quietly, passed a man who contributed greatly to the well-being of...

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What our clients say about us

By day 7 of the 10 day programme I noticed an increase in vocabulary and improved fluency. Since completing the course I find her ‘spontaneous conversation’ has also improved. Before the FST what Ava said was often in response to a question or was one of her many ‘rehearsed/learnt off’ phrases but many comments are now free flowing and spontaneous. Overall definitely worth doing.

Parent, Ireland

Thank you so much… it worked a treat. I’ve been telling everyone about our success with the FST and will recommend it to others. It’s truly been amazing the results. I’m communicating with Jane in a way I never have before. So thank you!

Parent, Ireland

Today is one of those amazing days, one of those WOW-days. Little Mikael, an Autistic boy of 3 years, said his first 6-word sentence. This happened on the 4th day of FST (Filtered Sound Training). But then, this is only one of many WOW-experiences that I see all the time.

Children in my Child Development Centre & pre-school who have poor or no social skills, poor or no interaction with peers or teachers, who put their hands on their ears and/or cry the minute some activities get a bit loud; those who are “hyperactive” and can’t concentrate, cannot colour in between the lines, are slow to carry out instructions, etc.; these suddenly start blooming, becoming happy little kiddies after or even while they are still in FST training. Concentration, alertness, just in general, their abilities improve.

AnneMarie de Bruin

Practitioner and Trainer, South Africa

My nine year old son Rhone was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 4. When we heard about the AIT program and how it was especially beneficial to those with autism we decided to give it a try.

Rhone had AIT therapy at 7 years of age and at first there seemed to be little change. But by 6 months later and starting the new school year Rhone was a much different boy. His focus was the greatest achievement in the program and his meltdowns had diminished almost completely.

I believe AIT to really helped achieve this. Rhone developed into the higher functioning boy that he is today.


Parent, Canada